about us

We are an exciting HealthTech startup based in Stavanger, Norway.

Our core team consists of Muzziball-inventor and CEO, Ingerine Dahl and COO Aleksandra Jankovic from a solid and innovative business background.

We have already built a strong and exciting developing/production team with in-house production of the shells and development of the HW/SW in collaboration with Silicon Valley based Hexabitz.

We have several exciting science based collaborations with UIO, RITMO and UIS regarding research in the neuroscience, AI, musicology, psychology and music-therapy fields and we are actively building an AI-based database of content structured by emotions to further the user-experience.

Our first sales are made and we are working towards clinical studies within the dementia and autism field.

Ingerine Dahl


Apart from being the inventor of Muzziball, founder Ingerine Dahl is a well-known artist with more than 20 years of experience as a professional musician (Stavanger Symphony Orchestra/Dextra) and leader of innovative projects, with a national & international network of experts reaching from music-therapy to neuroplasticity, AI and gamification.

Aleksandra Jankovic


Aleksandra Jankovic is a leader with 15 years of experience in international business and innovation, with a great passion for projects with social impacts. She holds an MBA degree (Goethe Business School Frankfurt) and is specialized in business innovation and sustainability (particularly circularity).

Dag Egil Njaa

SW/AI Developer

Igor Eliseev

Manufacturing Specialist

Asaad Kaadan

HW/SW Developer

Alessandro Policarpo

Product/Graphic Designer

development partners

Research partners


• Trude Marit Risnes (styreleder) joins Muzziball as head of board
• Per Ivar Selvaag (mentor)
• Collaboration Oslo Cancer Cluster
• PhD-project “Circular Product Development) (UIS)
• AI-development (SAIL/UIS)
• fNIRS-testing (RITMO/UIO)
• SALE to RITMO (14 Muzziballs)
• Developing “Demenskoret” testing (Stavanger Kommune)
• Muzziball presenting at BUV-conferance
• Muzziball version 2 ready for B2B market
• Muzziball at VITALIS

• Muzziball AS
• VRI-grant (FOU: RITMO, WestControl)
• Hannes Lekestue intensjonsavtale test-partnere
• Katedralskolen «Gimle» (Kristiansand) test-partners and market-specialists
• FIRST SALE: Kilden Kulturhus for 10 Muzziballs
• Muzziball AS in MCT Applied Project 2023 at UIO
• Developing Muzziball-APP
• Sparekassen Sykehjem intensjonsavtale test-customers and market-specialists
• ODV Vittoria (Abruzzo/IT) FIRST INTERNATIONAL testcustomers and market-specialists
• Katapult-grant
• COO Aleksandra Jankovic joins Muzziball AS
• Investors KDI & Trude Marit Risnes join Muzziball AS
• Innovation Norway (Kommersialisering 1)
• Collaboration with Hexabitz (Silicon Valley USA)
• EIRA Health Accelerator

• MVP developed in collaboration with Dag Egil Njaa& Pål Asle Pettersen
• Innovation Norway grant (Markedsavklaring)
• Testing at Hannes Lekestue (children)
• Testing at Katedralskolen Gimle (autisme/multihandicap)
• GründerAcademy (top 3 Rogaland)
• Norsk Helseconsortium-grant
• Testing at Sparekassen Sykehjem (dementia)
• Testing at Skaret Avlastningssenter (child-autism/multi handicap/mental illness)
• Smart Lab Stakeholders-rapport (third-party review)
• “Rehabilitering og aktiviseringsløsninger” – Presentation at Norwegian Smart Care Cluster